Creatures That Have Sex in Your Coffee !!!

1-coffee-berry-borer 2-ripe-coffee-berries 3-coffee-male-female 4-hole-in-coffee-by-beetle

Kinky sex takes place in many coffee beans before they are roasted, suggests a new study on coffee berry borers, which are the most serious pests of coffee plants worldwide.

These small beetles, native to Africa, live much of their lives in coffee beans, according to the study, which is published in the Journal of Insect Behavior. It’s little wonder that the fast-living beetles, Hypothenemus hampei, have the nickname „Ferrari.”

Weliton Dias Silva of the University of São Paulo and his colleagues determined that females of this tiny beetle „have to be copulated by their sibling males before leaving the native coffee fruit to improve their chances of successful colonization.”

Females are about .07 inches long, while males are only about .06 inches long.

So,next time you’re sipping the black magical drink think about sex………buggy sex :-)).