Meet the Presse by Bobble, a Manual Brewer Formerly Known as the Impress

Bobble, a brand known primarily for personal water filtration systems in personal-use bottles, has widely released a new single-cup manual immersion brewing system called Presse by Bobble.

The brewer may already look familiar to you as the Impress Coffee Brewer, a product developed byGamila Products, LLC, that was originally released in 2013. In November of last year, Gamila was acquired by Seventh Generation, the makers of a range of nontoxic, bio-based household cleaning and personal care products, and the product has been revised and rebranded under the Bobble name.

Quality is part of the new pitch for the revamped brewer, but Seventh Generation’s influence in the marketing of the Presse is apparent. “Our mission has always been to reduce the outrageous waste of single serve, disposable beverages by providing consumers smart and stylish reusable drinking solutions,” Seventh Generation Ventures Marketing Director Brian Berklich said in a no-punches-pulled announcement of the rebranded brewer. “A great cup of coffee should leave you feeling satisfied and energized, not guilty about the needless waste your convenient cup is creating.”


Visually, the Bobble press most resembles another popular single-cup brewing device, theAeropress, but functionally it more resembles traditional French press brewers, with a few creative touches designed to eliminate minor steps.

The brewer combines elements of manual immersion brewing with reverse flow filtration. While a bloom cycle is up to the user, the full amount of water, up to 13 ounces, can be poured over grounds in the outer canister. After a set immersion time, a stainless steel inner mug is pressed down and coffee is filtered through reusable mesh microfilter.

The company claims that once the press action is complete, the finished brew is fully separated from the grounds, while coffee is sipped from the inner canister. One of the big selling points is the triple-wall stainless steel framing, which allows liquids to retain heat for extended periods of time.

The Presse by Bobble is currently retailing for $29.99, available in black or silver.

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