Aroma coffee to test the Romanian market! A study of 19 sampling sites! Find out what is the best flavored coffee!


Most flavored coffees
* No type of coffee obtained maximum points,sadly!!!

After some sensory tests on 19 types of ground coffee and roasted sealed manufacturers, experts and expertise Goods Research Center Food in the Department of commodities and Quality Management (Academy of Economic Studies), could establish a top ten more flavorful coffees available on the Romanian market. After testing and analyzing samples, Nova Brasilia Select, Tchibo Mocca, Tchibo Exclusive Elite Selected and were designated as having the most pronounced flavors and tastes, they represent the best choice for a consumer. However, in all samples analyzed, none rose to the maximum five-star rating.

The market study was commissioned by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) Romania. Coffee drinks obtained were ten tasters tasted experts who analyzed the taste, flavor and smell. They checked intensity of these parameters and conducted a qualitative hierarchy of evidence, expressed by quality / price ratio. According to this report per 100 grams of product samples were sequenced and depending on price at the time. Being the cheapest of the four ranked first, Nova Brasilia Select occupied the highest position overall quality at the lowest price, being billed as the „best shopping”.
Arabica best
Is obtained by processing the coffee Coffea tree seeds, which grow in tropical countries. There are many species of coffee plants, but of them Coffea arabica, Coffea robusta and Coffea Iberian have economic value and are cultivated in plantations. Arabica coffee is considered superior to other types. Most valuable varieties of arabica coffee are Mocca, with its small beans, hard and round and with a very pronounced flavor and variety Bourbon, with sharp grain that comes from Reunion Island. The name Coffee arabica coffee cultivated means Brasilia in Brazil, and the name Milds coffee – arabica coffee from other countries.

Flavor substances obtained from 40
Aroma coffee is one of the most important characteristics. According to experts from the Center for Research and Expertise Goods Food, contributing to the formation of over 40 coffee aroma substances existing in or formed by roasting raw coffee. Flavor can vary from batch to batch and is given in the first place, the variety of which are coffee trees, how they were cared for, the culture conditions, grain quality, soil and the characteristics of Geographic. Aroma is kept hard, every manufacturing company has its own manufacturing intelligence, which refers to the selection of certain varieties grown in climatic conditions and keeping a relation between them. Firms producing coffee intense efforts both to select varieties, as well as maintain complex consists of aromatic and other volatile cafeol to achieve consistent quality and controlled flavor, aroma and taste.


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