New coffee pairing in Japan


Coffee and cigarettes is something of a well-known pairing, isn’t it?

It conjures up images of antiquated debate-filled coffee houses of old, doesn’t it?

The coupling even became the title of the black and white urban comedy by Jim Jarmusch.

However, in Japan, as reported in The Japan Daily Press, this duo has now become something of a marketing phenomenon.

Tully’s Barista blend coffee, however, comes with 410 yen worth of Philip Morris’ Lark cigarettes, in a new marketing initiative in the country.

The two come together in the same packaging.

Apparently, Lark is something of an innovator when it comes to marketing strategies, including the use of an advert using Timothy Dalton, of James Bond fame.

There is an option as to the quantity of cigarettes you want   from 1mg, 3mg or 6mg   and the coffee blend is standard to all three options.

Let’s see if this campaign takes off. If you could choose another coffee pairing, what would it be?

Chocolate and coffee is something of a traditional coupling.

Or perhaps a DVD of relaxing music to sip your cuppa to?

Makes you think, doesn’t it, of all the other pairings out there that might work well too?


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