Does drinking coffee make you happy?


You might be surprised to hear that   from a medical perspective   the answer may well be ‘yes!’

One of the news stories about coffee at present focuses on findings in a journal called PloS ONE and, as reported in Medical Daily, this could be good news for coffee-drinkers.

The research was carried out by a German team.

What did they discover?

Apparently those who had a dose of caffeine (which was about the same as drinking two or three cups of coffee), were more accurate and quicker to recognise positive words.

However, they did not have a similar stimulation on the participants of the research project as far as negative words were concerned.

Previously, it has been shown that we are speedier and better at spotting positive images, sounds and words, but scientists wanted to see if caffeine could help this process along.

The results of these investigations were interesting   it is thought that caffeine may stimulate that part of the brain which is related to positivity, but not negativity.

Now isn’t that something to think about when you next slurp on your morning cup of joe?

Let’s see how further research on the topic progresses.


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